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Linda Lonsinger Memorial  Award for New Therapy Dog Certifications

Linda was a long time member at OYRDTC and an advocate for therapy dog programs. 

Her friends  have established this award

in her memory.

Awarded to any dog that earns a Therapy Title within this calendar year (2018). 

The award is designed to cover the registration fee with any Therapy Dog Organization. 

The award amount is $50 and will be given at the Annual Meet & Greet Banquet.

All submissions are to be sent  to:

Peggy Grookett

Linda Lonsinger Memorial Award Administrator 

Email Peggy at  oyrdtc@gmail.com


Telephone: 267-495-4277 
Email: oyrdtc@gmail.com




As part of our giving back mission, 

the Old York Road Dog Training Club, on a case-by-case basis, considers granting fee waivers on classes for club member dog owners who have rescued a dog who is challenged with a significant disability. 

We realize that taking on this extra responsibility can be a financial tightrope and hope to help  our club members succeed with this token of encouragement.

Contact us  for more information!



As a Club Member you now have the opportunity  talk / facetime with one of our instructors about any training challenges you are having with your dog.

We are here to help - even if we can't actually pet your dog!

All sessions need to be scheduled during one of our current Intermediate Class times.

Sessions will last up to 15 minutes per club member.  You may sign up for multiple sessions, just not back to back.  This will allow other club members time too.

​Contact our Registrar, Kristen at OYRDTC@gmail.com or call 267.495.4277 to set up your session.

Anyone who has completed one full session (Puppy KPT, Beginner, or Intermediate) is eligible to apply for club membership.  Once becoming a club member, our KPT and Beginner's classes are offered at a discount at $100 per dog.  Additionally, members are also invited to participate in several social events throughout the year.  

If you do not choose to become a member, you and your dog are still welcome to participate in classes for as long as you like.

The club holds several events each year for the members and their dogs. We host a summer picnic with games, prizes, food and beverages plus a large dose of fun.  In December, we host our Annual Holiday Party with a pet Pollyanna and a visit from "Santa Paws".  Yearly we have our Annual Meet & Greet Awards Banquet currently being held in February and our Fall Fest in October to elect a new Board.  This is a great time for all members to gather and recognize those that have earned titles or milestones in the past year.

Additionally we do not limit the  number of intermediate classes  club members can take so if you want to train on Mondays and Tuesday - GO FOR IT!!

The best reason to join is that you will have the opportunity to make new friends who share common goals, to exchange challenges and successes and to learn how to build a committed lifetime relationship with your dog.  All members will receive a copy of our Club Rules and complementary OYRDTC logo bandana too!

​Old York Road Dog Training Club supports charitable organizations in the surrounding community.

Annual Membership Fee  $40

  • Club membership is due annually in January or at the time you join the club. 
  • Intermediate training fees are collected 2x a year – in January and in July.

Training Fees

Prorated Training fee structure – depends on when you start!

Month Started                                    Membership             Training              Total

   January / February / March                       $40                        $125               $165

   April / May / June                                         $40                          $65               $105 

   July / August / September                          $40                        $125               $165

   October / November / December               -                             $90                $90 

Note : Members who allow their membership to lapse more than 2 years, upon reapplication to the club will be considered a 'new' member.  Therefore they will be required to take 1 paying class  before being eligible to becoming a member again.